Avantco Ice KMC-H-430-BA 30" Air Cooled Modular Half Cube Ice Machine with Bin - 400 lb.

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Product Overview

  • Makes up to 400 lb. of half cube ice per day
  • Durable 304 stainless steel exteriors with polyethylene interiors
  • Digital controller allows user to quickly identify issues
  • Bright LED lights illuminate the ice bin
  • Kit includes ice machine, ice bin, and ice scoop

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Make sure you’ve always got plenty of fresh ice on hand with the Avantco Ice KMC-H-430-BA 30″ air cooled modular half cube ice machine with bin!

Capable of producing up to 400 lb. of half cube ice per day, you’ll always have plenty of ice to serve on demand. Not only that, with an included ice bin that holds an impressive 375 lb. of ice, this ice machine and bin duo are perfect for preventing periods of downtime while ice is being made. This unit requires a 115V electrical connection for operation.

Intuitive Diagnostics
For ease of maintenance, a built in diagnostic system will identify problems that your ice machine may be having and will display the issue on the digital controller so it can be repaired accordingly. This easy-to-use controller can also be used to monitor the current stage of ice production that your machine is in. It allows you to adjust the bridge thickness up or down to maximize your harvest into individual cubes of ice, rather than full sheets. It also initiates the cleaning cycle and displays what stage of the cycle you’re in.

Durable Construction
Thanks to its durable type 304 stainless steel construction with a polyethylene interior, this unit is built to last, and at only 30″ in width, is great for kitchens where space is at a premium.

Bright Lighting
Bright LED lights illuminate the ice bin. This kit also comes with an ice scoop for a complete set.

Enhanced Stability
With (4) 6″ adjustable legs, you can stabilize the unit on uneven floors.

OceanLoch Mounting
Pre-drilled holes allow you to mount your OceanLoch water filter to ensure you’re serving the cleanest ice possible.

Great Ventilation
The ice machine is also designed for side-breathing and rear exhaust, which prevents hot air from being blown outward into your kitchen or service area. Plus, a nickel-plated evaporator and removable air filter make for quick and simple cleaning and maintenance.

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