Hoshizaki KM-350MAJ Slim Line 22" Air Cooled Crescent Cube Ice Machine with Stainless Steel Finish Ice Storage Bin - 489 lb. Per Day, 300 lb. Storage

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Product Overview

  • Produces up to 489 lb. of “crescent cube” (1 1/8″ x 1 1/2″ x 1/2″) half-cylinder ice
  • 22″ wide air-cooled ice machine
  • 22″ ice bin with 300 lb. of storage and stainless steel finish
  • EverCheck alert system and CycleSaver design for energy efficiency and less down time for cleaning


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This Hoshizaki KM-350MAJ Slim Line modular ice machine and bin kit gives you everything you need to make and store
ice for your business in a single, convenient package.

The air-cooled ice machine is capable of producing up to 489 lb. of ice per day, and produces Hoshizaki’s innovative
crescent cube ice! These half-cylinder shaped cubes work great in cocktails, drinks, ice baths, and a variety of other
applications, but they also help your machine work smarter and more efficiently, too.

Crescent Cube Ice
The curved design of the cubes allows water to flow evenly over the surface of the evaporator during ice creation,
ensuring that impurities are washed away instead of being trapped and frozen in conventional grid-style evaporators.
It also ensures that cubes come off individually instead of in unusable sheets and clusters, and the evaporator’s smooth,
open surfaces are easier to clean and stay clean longer than a traditional grid-style evaporator.

H-Guard Plus
To aid in your safety efforts, H-GUARD Plus Antimicrobial agent is embedded into the ice bin scoop and key components
of the ice machine to inhibit the growth of bacteria, mold, and other microorganisms.

EverCheck Control Board
The EverCheck control board keeps operation simple and features an audible alarm and easy-to-use diagnostic features
should a problem arise. In addition, the CycleSaver design ensures energy efficiency and less down time for cleaning.

Designed for Maximum Efficiency
The evaporator is also made from stainless steel and double-sided, which means that your ice machine can produce twice as much ice in a single cycle, compared to a unit with a single-sided evaporator. This lets you run fewer cycles to achieve your production needs, improving efficiency and reducing the run stress on the compressor! The ice machine’s easy-access design also ensures that a majority of service, cleaning, and maintenance can be done easily, from the front of the unit.

Ice Storage Bin
This kit comes with a B-300SF ice storage bin that can hold up to 300 lb. of ice, so that you always have a large supply on hand for busy hours. Foamed-in-place polyurethane insulation in all bin walls and the bottom keeps cold air in and hot air out for maximum ice preservation. A polyethylene bin liner makes the inside of the unit easy to clean, and it stands on a set of 6″ adjustable stainless steel legs that let you level the unit and account for minor grades in the floor.

Durable Stainless Steel
The ice machine and bin both have a stainless steel exterior, ensuring your unit will stand up even under heavy, everyday use. Not only that, it is resistant to rust so that you can be sure that you will get years of use.

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