Lease Ice Machine Manitowoc Nugget Ice Machine 591 lb RNF-0620A – 161

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Bite Sized Nugget Modular Ice Machine

$165.64 Lease a Month
$186.13 Rent a Month
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  • 90% Ice content for maximum cooling
    • The new bite-sized nugget boasts 90% ice content with only 10% water offering one of the best nugget ratios for maximum cooling and minimal drink dilution.
  • Applications
    • Perfect for beverage applications, dispensing, smoothies, and cold therapy. Can be paired with any 22″ Servend beverage dispenser for an unbeatable soft-drink experience
  • Commercial Warrenty
    • 3-year parts
      2-year labor
      Compressor parts for 5 years and labor for 2 years
  • Production
    • Up to 613 lbs (278 kg) daily nugget ice production.
  • Reliability
    • High load capacity bearings for enhanced reliability.

Bite Sized Nugget Modular Ice Machine

Nugget ice provides a high quality, soft chewable texture while still providing maximum cooling effect. Small pieces of nugget ice make these machines perfect for dispensing, blended beverages, cold therapy, and ice/water needs.

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