Leer VM40-R290 47" Ice Vending Machine - 115V

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Product Overview

  • Accommodates up to (80) 10 lb. bags of ice
  • Simple 3 step process ensures quick and easy ice purchasing 24/7
  • Integrated with credit/debit card reader and cellular communications for remote monitoring
  • Self-locking steel door with electro-magnetic locks to prevent theft
  • Auto defrost model uses eco-friendly R-290 refrigerant; 1/3 hp, 115V

$159.88 Lease a Month
$180.07 Rent a Month
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Give customers easy access to ice 24/7 with the Leer VM40-R290 47″ ice vending machine.

This Leer VM40-R290 ice vending machine is an excellent choice for campgrounds, beaches, hotels, marinas, parking lots, or any location that wants to sell bagged ice without needing an attendant present! With plenty of smart design features and an iconic, easily recognizable design, this unit lets customers know that you’ve got plenty of the ice they need available for purchase! It accommodates up to (80) 10 lb. bags of ice, and makes selling it hassle-free.

Easy 3-Step Vending
With 3 easy steps, your customers can get the ice they need!

1.) Customer swipes a credit card, unlocking the door.
2.) The customer retrieves the desired number of bags and closes the door.
3.) The unit displays the number of bags to be charged, based on the weight removed.

Indoor / Outdoor Use
This vending machine can be installed indoors or outdoors, giving you the flexibility to put it where customers are most likely to use it.

Easy Installation
This vending machine just needs an electrical connection and a cell signal to operate, no attendant required!

Durability and Visibility
The steel cabinet uses water-tight, offset seams for optimal strength and an epoxy primer for better resistance to corrosion, adhesion, and humidity. Prominent signage ensures customers will take notice, and a durable steel door design with self-locking electromagnetic locks prevents tampering.

Labor-Saving Auto Defrost System
This vending machine uses an auto defrost refrigeration system with R290 refrigerant, which gives you the convenience of not having to shut the unit down and clean it out during defrost cycles. Condensation is continually removed before it can freeze, thanks to the fan and air channels built into the walls. Better airflow means it will recover faster from open doors, too.



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