Scotsman UN1215A 15" Air Cooled Undercounter Nugget Ice Machine - 119 lb.

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Product Overview

  • Produces up to 119 lb. of nugget ice per day and stores up to 36 lb.
  • Just 15″ wide to fit in tight spaces; front breathing for flexible installation
  • Chewable, slow melting nugget is great for healthcare and beverage applications
  • Unit-specific QR code makes it easy to access documents and warranty history
  • Uses R-134a refrigerant; 115V

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$114.68 Rent a Month
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If you need a reliable supply of ice but have limited space, this Scotsman 15″ air cooled undercounter nugget ice machine is a great choice.

This ice machine provides a 24 hour yield of 119 lb. of soft, chewable nugget ice and can store up to 36 lb. of ice at a time in the built-in ice bin with an ergonomic sliding access door. Plus, since it is only 15″ wide it will fit in nearly any space. It is also front-breathing for increased flexibility when it comes to installation. Customers will love this chewable type of ice, so whether you are using this ice machine in a small beach bar, a quick service kiosk, or a beverage station you will create a memorable experience for your patrons. This ice machine uses R-134a refrigerant and a 115V electrical connection is require for operation.
Produces Chewable Nugget Ice
This unit produces original chewable nugget ice rather than solid cubes. Nugget ice melts more slowly than other types of ice and also cools beverages quickly. It is great for use in healthcare applications, retirement communities, or any beverage service operation.

Durable Construction
This unit is made for reliability and ease of service and maintenance. It features sealed bearings that reduce preventative maintenance requirements and it has a stainless steel evaporator and auger for greater durability.

Resists Corrosion
The corrosion-resistant exterior construction of this undercounter ice machine will keep this unit looking great in your restaurant, bar, or event space, even over long periods of extended use.

Convenient Features
When you need documents related to your ice machine or want to check on the warranty status, the unit-specific QR code lets you find all the information you need simply by scanning the code with your mobile device. Additionally, this unit comes with 6″ adjustable legs, allowing for it to easily be set up in the most convenient location for your business.


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