Hoshizaki KML-325MAJ Low Profile Modular 30" Air Cooled Crescent Cube Ice Machine - 380 lb.

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Product Overview

  • Produces “crescent cube” (1 1/8″ x 1 1/2″ x 1/2″) half-cylinder ice
  • Up to 380 lb. of ice per day; low 22″ height for space-restricted areas
  • Protected by H-GUARD Plus antimicrobial agent for safety and sanitation
  • EverCheck alert system and CycleSaver design for energy efficiency and less down time for cleaning
  • 115V

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Keep up with demand for ice in your cafe, restaurant, or break room with the help of this Hoshizaki KML-325MAJ low profile modular 30″ air cooled crescent cube ice machine!

This Hoshizaki KML-325MAJlow profile modular ice machine is the perfect ice production and storage solution for your establishment. With the capability of producing up to 380 lb. of ice per day, this self-contained unit produces fresh ice while using less energy and water than other ice cube machines. You’ll have a steady supply available for cocktails, ice baths, and a variety of other applications. This unit features a low profile height of 22″ that will help you save space in your kitchen and requires a 115V electrical connection for operation.

Crescent Cube Ice
This ice machine produces crystal clear “crescent cube” ice (1 1/8″ x 1 1/2″ x 1/2″), a half-cylinder shaped cube perfect for a wide range of applications. A slide-in door makes it easy to access and unload ice from the bin. The unit utilizes “H-Guard Plus” antimicrobial protection for increased sanitation.

Stability and Durability
When equipped with a compatible ice storage bin, this machine is elevated 6″ from the floor on 4 sturdy legs and will remain stable and stationary at the proper elevation to satisfy health regulations. Its durable stainless steel exterior paneling provides a sleek contemporary look and is sure to provide long-lasting use in your commercial establishment.

Smart Features
The EverCheck alert system notifies you when your machine needs serviced, making maintenance simpler than ever. The stainless steel evaporator is designed for increased efficiency with maximized surface area, a faster harvest cycle for increased production, and an increased bonded surface area that creates a stronger, more durable structure. Plus, to further ease maintenance, this unit contains removable air filters, which keep the condenser coils clean to improve performance and longevity.

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